Ginseng Slim (120 Vcaps)

  • $69.00

Fat Loss/Blood Sugar Support/Hormone Management/Energy Support

  • Ginseng Slim is an Adrenal-Spleen-Pancreas formula that also supports Hormone production and effective, safe, stimulant-free weight management.
  • Taken before meals, it helps to regulate glucose by reducing its absorption in the intestine, which will lead to better blood-sugar management over time.
  • The ingredients in this product work synergistically to increase fat cell combustion, muscle cell glycogen synthesis, and fat loss by activating the AMPK enzyme to more effectively regulate glucose metabolism and fatty acid oxidation.
  • Ultimate Synergist supports the actions of the formula by improving intestinal wall integrity while providing key nutrients to feed the good bacteria throughout the digestive tract.

Korean and American Ginseng (whole roots) concentrates of Astragalus, Gynostemma, and Notoginseng, with Ultimate Synergist, vegetable capsule. 

2-4 caps, 20-60 minutes before meals, Up to 16 caps per day for special needs or advanced use.