Seaweed Supreme – Increase metabolism and regulate hormones

Nourish, protect and cleanse your Thyroid and Parathyroid to increase your metabolism and regulate hormones…..See Details Below


Seaweed Supreme provides nutrients and vitamins that will nourish, protect, and cleanse the Thyroid and Parathyroid in order to increase your metabolism and regulate hormones. It also supports Bone Metabolism, Heavy Metal cleansing, Hormone-receptor cleansing, and increase fat cell combustion.


The certified organic powders of Dulse, Kelp and Chlorella provide the work       In addition to the purple, green and blue-green pigments, this formula is loaded with trace elements and naturally occurring B-vitamins that allow it to support numerous processes in the body that are essential to hormone health and cell-energy production. Ultimate Synergist is added to the formula to make smaller doses more effective which amplifies the effects of these great sea vegetables.


Organic Dulse, Kelp and Chlorella (broken cell-wall), with Ultimate Synergist, vegetable capsule

Suggested Use

2 caps per day.  Up to 12 caps per day for special needs or advanced used.  Best taken 20-60 minutes before meals to aid digestion.