Anti-Viral Combination Pack

Best Defense in Preventing and Dealing with Pathogens: Humic Acid (VFI) - Coats the virus before it can attach to healthy cells, coats infected cells to stop replication and the phSilver molecular structure will provide extra protection by attaching to infecting cells and disassociating them.


Best Defense in Preventing and Dealing with Pathogens


HBH's Humic Acid is specially formulated with VFI (Viral Fusion Inhibitors). Not all Humic acid has these properties.  This special formula will coat the pathogen so it cannot attach to a healthy cell and making it more susceptible to the immune system. If a cell is already infected it will coat the infected cell, stopping it from replication and making it more susceptible to the immune system.  Your body is on attack from pathogens 24/7 and taking our special formulated Humic Acid as a preventative measure keeps your defenses in high gear.  Taking it after symptoms occur will shorten recovery time. This is your best defense at staying ahead of attacks and preventing further infections.

The phSilver product provides added protection.  HBH's pHSilver has a magnetic molecular structure and works at the physics level unlike the old style silver you are hearing about in the news.   This structuring allows it to magnetically attach to certain components of the pathogen making it disassociate  or fall apart.  In the case of a virus is attaches to the components it is magnetically attracted to alerting the immune system that it is an invader.   If the case of a bacteria it will attach to those components it's attracted to and make them fall apart or disassociate. The Humic Acid working together with the pHSilver will be able to protect healthy cells from being infected, make affected cells more susceptible to the immune system and provide an extra kill mechanism so the immune system can clean up the mess.

Silver technology has made huge improvements over the OLD-STYLE colloidal silvers that are in the news as being ineffective.  If you are using a silver liquid that is acidic, ionic or does not use structured water, you are not using the latest and most effective product. The newest and most effective Structured Silver liquids can be identified by these characteristics: 
  • 10 to 30 ppm silver in water
  • Mild alkaline pH (7.3 to 7.5 pH)
  • Molecular structuring (structured water)
  • Magnetic properties
  • quality control that is vastly improved over old-style silvers
The pHSilver gel is recommended as a hand-sanitizer.  This is your first line of defense in preventing pathogens from entering the body. 

10% Discount when purchased together. 


Humic Acid - Coats the cell so the virus cannot attach to healthy cells, allowing the immune system to remove it. Supports a healthy immune system and assists in maintaining overall health and our first line of defense and your best chance for recovery and prevention of further infections.
pH Silver Liquid - Coats the pathogen so it cannot attached to healthy cells, and coast infected cells to stop them from replicating making them more susceptible to the immune system. 
pH Silver Gel - This is your first line of defense in preventing pathogens from entering the body.