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Immune Specific Pak
Immune Specific Pak
Immune Specific Pak
Immune Specific Pak

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Immune Specific Pak



Best Defense in Preventing and Dealing with Pathogens and supporting the immune system on a daily basis.


HBH's Humic Acid is specially formulated with VFI (Viral Fusion Inhibitors). Not all Humic acid has these properties.  Your body is on attack from pathogens 24/7 and taking our special formulated Humic Acid as a preventative measure keeps your defenses in high gear.  Taking it after symptoms occur will shorten recovery time. This is your best defense at staying ahead of attacks and preventing further infections.

The phSilver product provides another layer as it has a magnetic molecular structure and works at the physics level unlike the old style silver.

Silver technology has made huge improvements over the OLD-STYLE colloidal silvers.  If you are using a silver liquid that is acidic, ionic or does not use structured water, you are not using the latest product. The newest Silver liquids can be identified by these characteristics: 
  • 10 to 30 ppm silver in water
  • Mild alkaline pH (7.3 to 7.5 pH)
  • Molecular structuring (structured water)
  • Magnetic properties
  • quality control that is vastly improved over old-style silvers

The pHSilver gel is recommended for use on sanitizing the hands.  

Supplemental Facts

Viral Fusion Inhibiting (VFI) Humic Acid Bolsters Immunity, Tendon and bone repair, Antimicrobial
Silver Liquid Helps with killing viruses and bacteria in the body
Silver Gel Helps kills bacteria and viruses and great for sanitizing the skin

Other Ingredients:  Organic vegetable capsule, tapioca starch (flow agent)

Free of:
Gluten, Dairy, GMOs and Excipients to include artificial preservatives, binders, fillers, glues, colors and stearates. 

Quality Standards:
We use only GMP Certified and/or organic ingredients packaged in amber glass bottles to preserve potency.   

Suggested Dosage

Humic Acid - 

  • tonic use 2 Humic Acid caps per day 
  • ongoing viral issues 4 caps per day 
  • acute viral issues 6 caps per day

Silver liquid - Hold in mouth 6 min before swallowing. 

  • tonic use 1 tsp per day 
  • ongoing viral issues 2 Tbl per day  
  • acute viral issues 1 Tbl every hour until symptoms subside 

Silver Gel - use daily as a santizier for the skin.

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