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Daily Brain Care
Daily Brain Care
Daily Brain Care
Daily Brain Care

Dr. Lewis Nutrition

Daily Brain Care



•    It is backed by many years of research and evaluation, resulting in a high level of performance and effectiveness.
•    It includes a broad range of nutrients (i.e., essential fatty acids and amino acids), phytonutrients, elements, minerals, and vitamins, rather than just one or two active ingredients, which is necessary for optimal cellular function.
•    This combination of ingredients has been shown to enhance overall cognitive function, e.g., memory, processing speed, executive function, recall, orientation, spatial awareness, decision making, attention, focus, and clarity.
•    The complex polysaccharides (sugars) in the formula optimize immune function (i.e., immunomodulation) and support a healthy response to inflammation.
•    The formula has been shown to increase the production of adult stem cells.
•    Other components of the formula support cardiovascular function, synthesis and balance of hormones, and overall antioxidation capacity.
•    The formula helps the body to eliminate heavy metals and other toxins without interfering with the utilization of the valuable ingredients.
•    You may also notice additional benefits, such as an increase in energy, deeper sleep, happier mood, better skin, hair, and nails, improved gastrointestinal function, and a greater sense of overall wellbeing.
•    Compared to other dietary supplements or medications, this formula is highly cost effective.


Daily Brain Care is safe to take with any prescription or over the counter medication and any other dietary supplement, and you should not expect a serious adverse interaction or reaction.