Healing Agent (120 Vcaps)

Benefits: Immune Building and Tissue Repair formula that also supports the thymus gland, eyes, brain and micro-circulation of the vascular system.

Benefits: Immune Building and Tissue Repair

Why do you need the Healing Agent?

DNA strands are the basic building blocks of the body. There are 50,000 billion DNA cells in the body, and even in older people the body is still actively creating another billion new cells every hour, so the health of your DNA is all-important in your survival and health. Healing Agent is made up of nucleotides and a very powerful antioxidant which help repair DNA damage.  

How are you DNA strands corrupted? They are compromised from both internal and external sources, the increased used of Cell Phones, and the ever increasing signal strength. Your body is being bombarded in ways it has never been before.  There are 50,000 billion cells in the body, and even in older people the body is still actively creating another billion new cells every hour, so the incorruptibility of DNA is all-important in our health and survival. 

Healing Agent is made up of nucleotides and black currant and provide the below benefits:

Nucleotides Benefits:

    • DNA repair
    • Rapid cellular regeneration
    • Increased vitality
    • Healthy immune system
    • Eye Support
    • Brain Support
    • Vascular system support

      Nucleotides are the basic units of genetic material for all living things, and are the building blocks of life. They also form many different molecules that function to make life possible.

      Your DNA is composed of sub-units of sugar and nitrogen bases called nucleotides. Nucleotides are found in literally all protein-rich foods, but they are not very biologically available.  The most bio-available nucleotides are derived from Brewer’s yeast that have been purified, concentrated and specially processed to be highly biologically available.  Each of your trillion plus cells contains 6 billion nucleotides.  Nucleotides are fundamental nutrients like minerals which must be supplied from outside the body.  Your stores of nucleotides are stored in the liver and trauma, surgery, infection and other stresses can rapidly deplete the body’s stores.  When depleted, rebuilding critical supplies can take days if not weeks.  This formula provides Nucleotide, Immune Building and Tissue Repair components that supports the Thymus gland, Eyes, Brain, and Micro-circulation matrices of the vascular system.

      Black Currant Benefits:

      • Bladder Stones
      • Mouth Inflammation
      • Urinary Tract Infections
      • Gout
      • Diarrhea
      • Coughs
      • Fevers
      • Conditions Of The Intestine, Liver and Lungs

      Our Blackcurrant concentrate has an extremely high vitamin, antioxidant, anthocyanin and polyphenol content. The unique anthocyanin elements found in these berries are potent free-radical scavengers that specifically benefit vision, brain, and circulatory health.

      This potent combination of ingredients also provides excellent anti-inflammatory support to help relieve both chronic and acute pain.


      Nucleotide Concentrate (AMP,  GMP,  CMP,  UMP),  black currant concentrate, Ultimate Synergist, vegetable capsule

      Suggested Use:

      2 caps per day, Up to 20 caps per day for special needs or advanced use.  Best taken 20-60 minutes before meals to maximize absorption.

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