Humic Acid – Immune system support
Humic Acid – Immune system support
Humic Acid – Immune system support

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Humic Acid – Immune system support



Humic Acid is a vital enhancement for a healthy immune system able to fight off viruses and bacteria, your first line of defense and best chance for a shorter recovery and prevention of further infections.


Humic acid is the smallest, most complex, and highly-refined naturally occurring water-soluble substance on Earth. Small amounts of humic acid transform the molecular structure of water and assist in its job of dissolving and transporting nutrients. Humic acid in your system improves the efficiency of nutrient delivery and waste removal from the cells, while also neutralizing toxins and pathogens.

When it comes to protecting cells from a virus, only the Humic portion of the cell has the potential to protect it. We say potential, because all Humic has anti-viral properties, but it doesn’t mean all Humic is anti-viral.  We use a special preparation of Humic acid known as VFI - or Viral Fusion Inhibiting. Humic Acid puts a coating around the viruses and prevents them from reproducing or adhering to a healthy cell using the viral fusion inhibitors.  The viruses then become vulnerable to the immune system.  It also alerts the immune system about the virus to promote regulation and strengthening of the body’s defenses. 

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  • Oxygenates blood helping to regulate the immune system

  • Mineral Transfer – acts as a dilator, increasing the permeability of cell walls. This allows important minerals to travel more easily through the bloodstream to nourish bones and cells

  • Balances Cell’s Electricity helping them run more efficiently

  • Antimicrobial – increases levels of beneficial microbes thus inhibiting the growth of unwanted bacterial pathogens

  • Bolsters Immunity

  • Anti-inflammatory – relief from swelling and joint inflammation

  • Tendon and bone repair by bonding to collagen fibers

  • Anti-Viral – coats cells so pathogens cannot attached to healthy cells

  • Detoxifying Properties – prevents toxic substances including heavy metals from being absorbed. 


Viral Fusion Inhibiting (VFI) Humic Acid, tapioca starch (flow agent), vegetable capsule

Contain 100 vcaps

Suggested Dosage

For tonic use 2 caps per day For ongoing viral issues 4 caps per day For acute viral issues 6 caps per day


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