Noble Servant (120 Vcaps)

Noble Servant (120 Vcaps)

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Supports healthy digestion, whole-body cleansing and nutrient activation.

Noble Servant is a custom acid-mineral formula that supports healthy digestion, whole-body cleansing, and nutrient activation. This is a lymphatic fluid cleanser designed to correct the underlying cause of pH imbalance and degenerative disease - Lymph Stasis. It’s an effective solution for deep-seated immune issues, while also acting as a global germicide. It works to improve the fluid dynamics of the micro-circulation, which leads to more efficient nutrient and waste exchange at the cell-level.

Betaine HCL, custom mineral blend of Potassium, Magnesium, and Trace Elements. Vegetable Capsule. 

1-2 caps per meal, or with supplement intake. Caps may be dissolved in water for dilute use.