Immune Specific Program
Immune Specific Program
Immune Specific Program
Immune Specific Program
Immune Specific Program

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Immune Specific Program





Best Defense in Preventing and Dealing with Pathogens and supporting the immune system on a daily basis.


If you have a viral condition include influenza, especially a retro-viral issue, our easy to follow health regimen protocol will help you gain leverage on the virus so you can expel it from the body over time.  Our viral protocol promotes protection and prevention with nutrition far beyond what any multi-vitamin could offer.   We highly recommend these products for people who are exposed to or have known viral issues like herpes or any type of influenza. 

Additional benefits of adding this to your daily intake over a long period of time include:
  • Feeling of well-being
  • Supercharges your immune system
  • Cleanses, neutralizes and removes toxins
  • Provides increased resistance to colds and flu, infection and disease
  • Assists in purging parasites, pathogens, and viruses includes Herpes from your body.
  • Restores your body to optimal potential over time.

How it Works:

When it comes to protecting cells from a virus, only the Humic portion has the potential to protect a cell. We say potential, because all Humic has anti-viral properties, but it doesn’t mean all Humic is anti-viral.  At HBH, we use a special preparation of Humic acid known as VFI - or Viral Fusion Inhibiting. Humic Acid puts a coating around the cells and prevents them from reproducing using the viral fusion inhibitors.  The viruses then become vulnerable to the immune system.  It also alerts the immune system about the virus and regulates and strengthens the body’s defenses. 

Products Included

Humic Acid - Coats the cells so viruses can't attach to healthy cells, allowing the immune system to remove it. Supports a healthy immune system and assists in maintaining overall health and our first line of defense and your best chance for recovery and prevention of further infections.
The One - Contains an abundance amount of essential nutrients including Vitamin C in one capsule that releases through the day. For added benefit it contains our proprietary ingredient, Ultimate Synergist, which aids in feeding good bacteria throughout the digestive process ensuring it is absorbed so you get the most from this formula.
Noble Servant - Supports healthy digestion and nutrient activation and is designed to correct the underlying cause of degenerative disease - lymph stasis and pH imbalance. It's formulated to help with deep-seated immune issues while also acting as a global germicide. It works to improve fluid dynamics which leads to more efficient nutrient and waste exchange at the cellular level.

Background on Humic Acid and Viruses:

Scientists refer to Humic Acid as the answer to anti-viral infections.  Humic Acid is the smallest, most complex, highly refined naturally occurring water-soluble substance on Earth. Small amounts of Humic Acid transform the molecular structure of water and assist in its job of dissolving and transporting. It will improve the efficiency of nutrient delivery and waste removal from the cells, while also neutralizing toxins and pathogens.

Viruses are very small and are referred to as subcellular organisms, meaning they are smaller than cells. They are smaller than bacteria and most human host cells, and only live deep inside the cells. Viruses can even live inside of microscopic disease-causing organisms, where they can “hitch a ride”, effectively making them intracellular molecular parasites.

All living cells contain both types of genetic material, DNA and RNA. A virus only contains one type, either DNA or RNA, and this is why it has to hijack living cells... it needs the complementary genetic material in order to exist. Viruses can only grow and multiply within living cells.

Viruses have a receptor binding protein that allows them to attach to cells and convert them into viral-producing factories. The proteins they use act as a “claw” which allows them to get a grip on and bind to the cell. From here, they can inject a caustic material that bores through the cell to create a tunnel/funnel to access to the mitochondria of the cell. This is where viruses can mine the missing genetic material they need to come to life and reside. Once this occurs, the cell is officially “hijacked”, and the virus will continually replicate itself throughout the host, maturing, and potentially mutating into something even more dangerous than its original form.

There are more than 42,000 known types of viruses and new ones are being discovered regularly with less than 3 percent being well defined.  Viruses have a negative effect on the body and thus affect its ability to cope with other stressors, including ADD/ADHD.

Viral immunity is the ability of the immune system to prevent, defend against, neutralize, and eliminate viruses from the body and our goal at HBH is to provide you the necessary natural tools to defend yourself.   Humic Acid has a broad spectrum of biological activity, including antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties.