About us

The power to heal and improve our health is within all of us. You just need the right information and tools to learn how to be your best self.

Matthew Jacobs has spent 20 years in the Supplements industry and brings to it a fresh approach, understanding and execution of what was once called the “vitamin” industry. This refreshing awareness brings with it practical concepts and logical products that create a pathway to ongoing better health outcomes and not merely another supplement you take forever.

Matt uncovered the fallacy that boosting intake of a vitamin or mineral because it reads low in a blood test does little to identify any underlying issues. Understanding why the body breaks down is key to knowing how to introduce the right supplements to recover and restabilize underlying problems.

To get there required an important “aha” moment. Your gut does not process and absorb 100% of any micronutrient you eat. It turns out not all Vitamins and minerals are created equal nor is everyone’s gut prepared everyday to absorb what is introduced. Solving that puzzle and creating the formula for a new supplement component called “Ultimate Synergist”, creates an environment in your gut that optimizes the amount of of any micronutrient that is introduced. A huge advancement in the understanding why so many supplements don’t deliver the same results for everyone.

Mastering how the body processes and uses what is being introduced through foods, and what happens to those vitamins and minerals (micronutrients), is the cornerstone of Matt’s approach to all the supplements at Health Beyond Hype. In the same way a great winemaker can make great grapes into great wines, Matt has now connected the importance of the sourcing (identifying the very best bioavailable ingredients) with the art of the formulas and the basics of biochemistry (the winemaker’s role) to create an extremely effective array of products that in only a few months, can make dramatic differences in your life.

Health Beyond Hype was born to bring these ideas together to address a holistic approach to the body with supplements that will actually get into your system to enhance or replenish micronutrients needed to get the results that you are seeking.