The Health Beyond Hype Story 

The power to heal and improve your health is within YOU.  You just need the right information and tools to help the process. At Health BEYOND Hype (HBH) we have been in search of the most reliable, science based information to create the tools you need to begin your journey to a healthier you. 
Hello, I'm Matthew and I have been in this business for 20+ years.  Over the years I have observed the concept of health and wellness evolve from a second thought to the main headliner in many communication medias. Through all the hype my  team and I have stayed true to our journey of FINDING why the body breaks down. We have painstakingly shifted through the maze of information that has been published on the subject of “health” and worked tirelessly to separate the SCIENCE from the HYPE to create products that provide the body with the missing pieces that keep it healthy.

We mastered how the body works from the inside out, and where its major struggles were in getting what it needed.  We then proceeded to find the right ingredients to fill in the missing pieces.  These ingredients not only had to be from trusted sources and contaminant free, but also had to be in a viable state to be useful for what we needed to create.  Through extensive research we were able to find such ingredients and proceed with developing formulations that would be effective in supporting our findings. Through many iterations of developing, formulating and testing we finally mastered the right amount of each ingredient needed to match what our research findings had indicated were the missing pieces. But this wasn’t good enough. We wanted these products to be highly active and easily assimilated into the bloodstream for maximum effectiveness.  

Our research continued, looking for a way to super charge the ingredients to allow for maximum effectiveness and proper delivery into the body even in a compromised digestive process.  After many iterations of new formulations and testing we found Ultimate Synergist, the last missing piece which would ensure the formula would be highly active and easily absorbed.  We now had the formula and through third party testing we verified the amounts of each component in the mix and the purity of the ingredients. But would it WORK?  

We put our products to the test in the real world and the results have been better than we imagined.  Now we are ready to share them so you have the POWER to heal yourself. 

Our name says it all.  We are HEALTH BEYOND HYPE, only science based natural ingredients, no fillers or compromises that would deviate from our original goal of providing only the best possible products for those who are truly interested in rebuilding from the inside out.