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harnessing the power of nature

Whole Food Concentrates Synergistically Balanced With The Body

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why whole food concentrates

WHY WHOLE FOOD CONCENTRATES? Because plants contain active particles, hundreds of which are ideally suited in supporting the human body. Plants have multiple synergies which match the complexity of our bodies. Getting those active particles though can be a challenge with today’s farming practices. Other companies can offer a new product in short order using what is readily available in the market with little regard to what the body needs, but at Health Beyond Hype we have spent years seeking out the finest ingredients in making our unique high potency combinations that are in line with what the body needs.

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WE DO WHAT WE DO, To Help You, Help Yourself

~ Researched and Science-Backed Formulas

~ Responsibly Sourced High Quality Natural and/or Organic Ingredients

~ No Artificial Ingredients, Fillers, Dyes or Stearates

~ Hand Crafted in Small Batches, using FDA Registered Manufacturing Facilities

~ Recyclable Amber Glass Bottles

~ Organic Plant Source Capsules

~ Support Along the Way

Burn Fat for Energy

These products work together to help you keep your blood glucose and sugar in control. This helps in natural weight reduction using a gradual process of blood turnover which allows the body to push out old cells and build new ones so you loose weight over time and keep it off. 

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Immune Specific

Our immune specific program has been formulated with nutrition far beyond what any multi-vitamin could offer.  It also contains a Viral Fusion Inhibitor (VFI) Humic acid which helps in neutralizing toxins and pathogens assisting healthy cells from being attacked by viruses and pathogens.  Your best Offense is a Good Defense, so don't delay in getting on board with this program. 

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Vitality and Tissue Repair

Healing Agent promotes your immune system capabilities, enhances repairs to tissue damage from workouts and boosts vitality. This potent combination of ingredients provides excellent anti-inflammatory support to help relieve both chronic and acute pain.  

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Purchase with Confidence

At Health Beyond Hype getting the fundamentals right is the key to getting the best results because there are no shortcuts when providing quality products. Our research and attention to detail has helped us innovate, consistently bringing our consumers the maximum benefit of our whole food concentrates.  Our raw materials have been specifically selected to meet the needs of the body.  We avoid artificial ingredients, dyes, stearates and unnecessary fillers, using only the highest quality natural and/or organic ingredients. FDA registered facilities are used for manufacturing to ensure a safe and potent product. We even go to the extra mile of using amber glass bottles to preserve the potency of the nutrients.   Health Beyond Hype - Harnessing the power of nature and their synergies for your health.