The Kidneys - The ROOT OF LIFE

The Kidneys - The ROOT OF LIFE

The kidneys are two of the most important, yet under appreciated organs in the body, that are all too often bearing the brunt of our toxic lifestyles.  

The protocols at HBH are designed to make sure the kidneys are always supported during any program you select.  The MINISTER OF POWER has been formulated to not only support the kidneys but also the adrenals, with added support for the lungs, livers and a boost for the immune system. 

They are one of the main detoxification pathways of our body, but are never the focus of our attention when it comes to cleansing. They are the workhorse of the body, yet we do not treat them with care nor do we ever consider their role in our health.  

Full body cleanses cause stress on the kidneys due to the toxic download it has to manage.  Therefore, it is always vital to first provide support for the kidneys, before trying to resolve other symptom in the body.   So lets take a closer look at these very delicate organs and how they greatly influence and control so many functions in our bodies.


The kidneys are at the root of an array of very common ailments such as:

  • fatigue
  • hair loss
  • slow growing nails
  • extra water weight or edema
  • foggy brain
  • high blood pressure
  • lower back pain
  • puffy eyes and a host of other ailments

With the simple change in diet paired with the right kidney nutrients, the majority of people receive instant relief from these symptoms. 

What are the Main Functions of the Kidneys?

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