Trace Minerals Supplement

Trace Minerals Supplement

How Important are Trace Minerals?

They are the catalyst that make everything work, from the vitamins you consume to the nutrients from your food.  Without them your body cannot break down and take advantage of the vitamins and nutrients consumed, leaving your body starved for the basic building blocks of health.  

You only need approximately 20 milligrams of each natural trace mineral on a daily basis to keep balance in the body,  but getting them gets harder every year because the soil our food is grown in is devoid of these minerals and other needed nutrients. With the current state of our food sources, supplements have taken the lead in providing these much needed trace minerals.


At Health Beyond Hype we have taken extra steps in ensuring our plant based trace minerals meet the needs of the body and include them in Noble Servant with its custom mineral blend and The One with the addition of Ultimate Synergist. We also provide a liquid trace mineral product that can be easily added to your favorite drink during the day. 

Trace Mineral Benefits:

  • Catalysts for vitamins and nutrients the body needs to maintain health
  • Helps maintain energy levels
  • Maintain or even improve pH balance in the body
  • Helps with strengthening bones, joints and teeth
  • Increased vitality
  • Nourishment for hair and skin
  • Helps with calcium assimilation
  • Helps with wound healing
  • Helps defend cells against damage from stress

More now than ever your body needs the best trace minerals available on the market to take full advantage of the vitamins and nutrients you are consuming.  Our trace mineral liquid option makes it easy with every sip of water, and our supplement options provides you a full spectrum of vitamins and nutrients, and the catalyst to assimilate them.  

Health Beyond to help you BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE !!!

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