The One – Multi-Nutrient Formula
The One – Multi-Nutrient Formula
The One – Multi-Nutrient Formula

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The One – Multi-Nutrient Formula



Provides every one of the nutrients the human body needs which enhances immunity, protects against harmful effects of pollution, provides a powerful antioxidant as well as increasing interferon production which increases your body’s ability to withstand stress and resist infections Promotes your body’s absorption, assimilation and ultimate metabolism of other vitamins and nutrients.


This multi-nutrient formula contains long-acting, fat and water soluble sources of Vitamin C which are combined with soluble rice bran and Ultimate Synergist to round out its complete nutrient profile. It plays a role in maintaining collagen in the formation of connective tissues in the skin, ligaments and bones. For the circulatory system, The One is active in formation of red blood cells and because it maintains collagen, your arterial walls and capillaries are healthier, as well as promoting the healing of wounds. 

All of the ingredients used in the formula are highly charged to maximize their absorption in your body. Vitamin C has numerous functions in the body and is truly the One essential vitamin every-body needs.

The One is part of the foundation that optimizes all of the outcomes for our Programs and Personal Protocols.


Fermented Vitamin C concentrate, stabilized rice bran, Ultimate Synergist (absorption catalyst), vegetable capsule.

Suggested Dosage

4 caps per day in divided doses.  Up to 20 caps per day for special needs or advanced use.  Best taken 20-60 minutes before meals to aid digestion.