Cleanse vs. Detox - Know the Difference

Cleanse vs. Detox - Know the Difference

There is a huge difference between Cleanse and Detox. Detoxifying the liver of heavy metals should only occur AFTER the body’s digestive organs are tonified (strengthened), and fluids (bile, lymph, blood) are flowing smoothly. Detoxifying the liver without first optimizing digestive organ function and precious fluid dynamics is like emptying the trash bin but ignoring the clogged disposal system. And that toxic trash will get trapped instead of eliminated expediently, resulting in flu-like symptoms.

Lesson learned: Cleansing first, detoxing second.

Now Let's review a topic in more depth since this has often been clouded by predatory marketing tactics: Cleansing and Detox.

Main Points to consider:
  • Cleanse and Detox are two different processes and need to be done in a sequence.
  • You should Cleanse before you Detox to provide the best results and cause the least amount of stress on the body
  • The goal of cleansing is to improve the precious fluids dynamics in your body including blood, lymph, and bile. 
  • The goal of detoxing is supporting the liver’s ability to send toxins into elimination. 

If done correctly and in the right sequence, headaches, crushing fatigue, elimination problems, vomiting, rashes, and flu-like symptoms should not be part of the experience.
A Cleanse, Beyond Marketing Hype

At Health Beyond Hype, we understand that a true cleanse goes beyond mere marketing gimmicks. 

A true cleanse focuses on improving the precious fluids dynamics in your body including blood, lymph, and bile. 

Restoring your body’s natural balance is not about quick fixes or trendy detox fads. 

There can be no detoxification improvements without a prior “cleanse” phase. 

Resolving blood stagnation and sluggish lymph and bile flow is critical before supporting the liver’s ability to send toxins into elimination. 

Improving waste exchange at the organ/glandular and cellular level is mandatory before “detoxing” should even be considered. 

Cleanse vs. Detoxing: There Is A Difference

Dumping toxins without regulating fluid dynamics and lymph function is like trying to clean a river without removing the debris upstream. So, consider the cleanse phase as clearing out the garbage and moving the junk out of the way.

This “junk”  ends up in the liver, putting undue stress on the kidneys and compromising the delicate balance of Kidney Qi – a critical factor in anti-aging.

So, detoxing can only occur after blood, bile and lymph are cleansed and begin to move efficiently. 

Only after the lymphatic drainage system is cleansed, can nutrients effectively enter the micro-circulation and raise cellular energy. 

Unfortunately, it’s not just supplement companies that do not  have this basic knowledge. Many practitioners fail to understand fluid dynamics and lymph function. As a result of their lack of knowledge, the kidneys will have to filter excess toxins, making it worse on the body and you feeling frustrated. 

Health Beyond Hype offers cleanse protocols that safely and effectively resolve bile and lymph stasis, and detox solutions only after cleansing has occurred, thereby minimizing side effects.


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