#1 Energy Expenditure - Digestion

#1 Energy Expenditure - Digestion

How it works

Health Beyond Hype micro-nutrient-boosting formats strengthen and balance the pH of the digestive organs, and enhance the flow of digestive fluids such as bile, lymph, and hydrochloric acid. The micro-nutrients in HBH products enter the smallest blood vessels (the micro-circulatory system), where nutrient uptake occurs, thereby delivering nourishment and energy to the cells.

The digestive system represents the "physical engine" of the body.  It is responsible for converting food and its vital nutrients into fuel for the body - a big job that continues every minute of every day throughout one's life time. 

Even if you are eating healthy, consuming plenty of organic, raw fresh produce your body will still be starved of micro-nutrients.

The energetics of food—even organic food—is often quite low, due to remediated soil (the removal of toxic substances), food irradiation, shelf-life-extending gasses used on supermarket produce, long-distance/high-heat shipping containers, nutrient-killing cooking methods, and other factors that lead to deteriorated tissues in the body’s organ/gland systems. 

Enzymes Role

Enzymes are one of the most essential elements in our body. Enzymes are as important as the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat. Why is this?  They speed up the chemical reactions within the cells for detoxification and energy production. They enable us to see, hear, feel, move and think. Every organ, every tissue and all 100 trillion cells in our body depend upon the reaction of metabolic enzymes and their energy factor. Without these metabolic enzymes, cellular life would cease to exist.

Enzymes are your body's workers. They are responsible for constructing, synthesizing, carrying, dispensing, delivering, and eliminating the many ingredients and chemicals our body uses in its daily business of living.

Your body makes enzymes. When you were young, you had an abundant supply of enzymes. You felt great. Your energy level seemed never ending. You had "enzymes to burn" which kept you running at tip top efficiency.

As time goes by, you SLOWLY begin to lose this efficiency. For years you don't even notice the changes. But then you are less able to eat the spicy foods you love or less able to recover as quickly from the aches and pains of weekend sports. This reduced vitality and stamina can signal a weakened and compromised body. You’re running low on the enzymes you need to fuel your life. The process of depleting your enzymes is a slow one, and most likely you didn't notice your energy and vitality disappearing until one day something you once loved to do was suddenly too much work. You aren't getting too old to enjoy life, you are running out of enzymes that would ensure you the energy you need to enjoy life. You simply need to restore your enzyme potential.

What is happening to our digestive enzymes? The reason we are running out of digestive enzymes is a LIFESTYLE PROBLEM. Our poor dietary habits, fast food obsessions, and excessive intake of fat and sugars, all require excessive amounts of enzymes to digest our foods. Stress kills and damages cells, resulting in our enzyme-making machinery having to work overtime to help rebuild and replace them. Environmental pollution causes cellular damage requiring ongoing assistance from enzymes just to maintain a healthy immune system. And time is a big factor.

Time and the process of living uses up enzymes that must be replaced if we expect to retain the healthy active lifestyle we have grown accustomed to. Every one of these factors diminishes our body's capacity to act, to do, to feel the way we want to feel; and, as many reputable scientists will tell you, these factors may even shorten your life. ENZYMES are ESSENTIAL, but your enzyme potential is dropping. Many researchers now view the aging process and death itself as nothing more than an enzyme potential which has decreased to a level where the living organism can no longer be repaired and maintained in its existing environment. You may slow down this trend by fortifying your body with supplemental digestive enzymes. You can help minimize this inevitable downward spiral in your body's efficiency, a spiral created by a growing shortage of available enzymes.

How can I maintain my enzyme potential? There is much you can do to combat your waning enzyme potential. The sooner you start, the quicker you begin to restore and extend the vitality you once had. If you still think you have it, you might be surprised what you have ever so slowly lost without knowing it until you get it back. And, if you're young enough not yet to have lost it, then here's a way to keep it. Supplemental digestive enzymes are win-win for all ages. The research is clear that enzymes can help you maintain good health.

Health Beyond Hype’s micro-nutrient delivery system—Ultimate Synergist which combines herbs, macro minerals, micro- and trace-minerals, and DNA-supporting natural sugars. Ultimate Synergist seals your intestinal tract and helps break down foods into their smallest components for maximum digestion, assimilation into the micro-circulation, and absorption into the cells.  Ultimate Synergist is part of the HBH product line.

No other product provides ALL the micro-nutrients you need to power the phytonutrients you consume from food, so...




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