Best EMF Shield for Household Wiring

Best EMF Shield for Household Wiring

Did you know your household wiring produces electromagnetic fields that are not coherent with the body.  Your household appliances are talking to you and NOT in a good way.  EMF actually rob your body of vital minerals that are needed to keep you health.  There is increasing evidence that ongoing and escalated exposure to EMFs can also result in electro-hypersensitivity with a broad range of symptoms and potential illnesses.

For a review of research related to EMF and health issues see The Bioinitiative Report 2012.  This report was written by 14 scientists, public health and public policy experts to document the scientific evidence on electromagnetic fields.  This report addresses:

  • Evidence for Cancer and Childhood Leukemia cases
  • The increased risk for malignant brain tumors and acoustic neuromas in people that have used an unprotected cell phone or cordless phones for ten years or more 
  • Increased risk of Breast Cancer
  • Changes in the nervous system and brain function which contributes to Alzheimer’s disease. 
  • Cancer Risks related to DNA damage 
  • Increase in stress proteins in the body
  • Effects on the Immune system

EMFs generated by artificial man-made devices or installations tend to create harmful effects, especially the closer they are to the body.  In contrast, naturally occurring, earth-generated EMFs tend to be beneficial and health-regenerating.  Similarly, a healthy human body and its individual organs radiate various biological energy fields.  They quality and intensity of these different types of energy fields can either support or destroy health. 

EMFs can interfere with enzymes related to growth regulation, gene expression, pineal gland metabolism, cell division and multiplication.  According to research conducted at the Veteran's Administration Medical Center in Loma Linda, CA and the University of California at Riverside, exposure to EMFs can provoke genetic abnormalities when cells divide, thereby activating oncogenes and enzymes activity of ornithine decarboxylase that is knows to accelerate both normal an abnormal cells.

Modern electronics like computers, big screen TVs and compact fluorescent lighting all introduce harmonics and electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation into the electrical circuits in our homes.  The result of these harmonics is commonly known as “dirty power” and results in inefficiencies and electrical spikes that are potentially damaging to sensitive electronics.  These harmonics are also a significant contributor to high EMF radiation levels.

At Health Beyond Hype we have researched these issues and have found that shielding your household wiring to provide EMF Blocker protection is a key component in ensuring your body stays protected while relaxing after a long day of work.  Satics EMF eliminators are the best in the industry and they provide protection for you and your family 24/7.

Satic’s EMF Eliminator has been shown through third party evaluation to significantly reduce EMF radiation levels with the below benefits.

  • Every outlet in the home is now protected by robust surge protection. (Surge protection you couldn’t reach before like your dishwasher) 
  • Nano-surges degrade home video picture quality – now picture perfect.  (Clear TV or computer picture while the vacuum is running)
  • Nano-surges degrade home audio sound quality – now pitch perfect.  (Clear audio sound when the fridge kicks on)

Real-time A/C Phase Correction (PFC):

  • Less inductance & improved power factor will consistently increase efficiency.
  • Reduced electrical consumption means less amps being converted into heat and wasted in I2R losses.  (As a result equipment runs more efficiently, operates cooler & lasts longer.)
  • Increased life for all electronics
  • Reduced electrical consumption = Lower utility bills

Negative Harmonics & Electrical Noise Reduction:

  • Advanced negative harmonics filtration and recapturing system is wired for total system health

Don't delay in protecting the health of you and your family.  Call us today to schedule a FREE 30 min call to discuss how to best implement this in your house. 

If you already know what you need then purchase today. BEST EMF Blocker for your Home


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