The "Missing" Piece

The "Missing" Piece

Health Beyond Hype (HBH) products are not supplements.  A supplement is a product taken to boost what is already there.  HBH sells vital micro-nutrients that supply the body with hundreds of phyto (plant) nutrients that are MISSING in the modern food supply, even organic produce. 

Why are they missing? Because our world has evolved into a fast paced, instantaneous gratification, mass production society which has been led to believe that as long as you consume something with "vitamins" included on the label you will be healthy.

The reality is we live in a  world in which we get most of our food from mineral-depleted soil. Soil which has been remediated (the removal of toxic substances) and  irradiated (the use of shelf-life-extending gasses through radiation that kill nutrients). Long-distance/high-heat shipping containers, nutrient-killing cooking methods, GMO foods (foods that are chemically altered outside of the natural process making the nutrient intake weak or non-existent) has lead us, as a society, down a path of deteriorating tissues in the body’s organ/gland systems. When these tissues do not get what they the aging process will be accelerated.

In case you have not been part of our other newsletters....Your ORGAN/GLAND systems are at the root of all health issues.

These systems play a vital role in maintaining homeostasis, regulating bodily functions, and ensuring overall health.  Each system has specific roles and interactions that are essential for the overall functioning of the human body. They need the MISSING vital micro-nutrients EVERYDAY to make the body function as designed. 

Welcome to Health Beyond Hype...we created our "vital" micro-nutrients to help you live your best life, and restore you body back to health.


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