A Paradigm Shift using Quantum Physics

A Paradigm Shift using Quantum Physics

While “paradigm-changing” is an overused marketing descriptor, that’s precisely what HBH hopes to be. We hope to play at least a small part in ushering in a new way of looking at health.  Chasing symptoms never solved the chronic issue at the root, so looking deeper we found a way to strengthen the root to resolve the chronic issue for the long haul.

Lets start with the basics...understanding the importance of micro-nutrients and why we created formulas focused specifically on the micro-nutrients needed to support the organ/gland systems.

Macro - food you eat

Micro - the vitamins and minerals your body extracts from the food you eat.

At Health Beyond Hype our goal is to provide what you need to stay healthy, from using high quality food concentrates to educating you on the reasons why you need them.  You are a “WHOLE”-listic body where each system relies on each other for support and its ability to function as intended. Your body runs on the macro: micro-nutrients and trace minerals you consume. So, understanding the importance of these micro-nutrients  is essential in knowing how they provide a strong foundation for it to build and thrive on in order to help keep your body in balance. Macro-nutrients are the nutrients you need in large amounts and are categorized as Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins.  When you consume foods such as vegetables, whole grains, beans, lentils, fruits etc., you are fueling your body with Carbohydrates which provide energy through calories; oils, nuts, meats, etc.,  provide Fats used for long-term energy; and eggs, fish, beans etc., provide Proteins which help the body build, repair and maintain muscle.    Macro-nutrients are the nutrients you see, smell, and taste and can experience  with a glass of red wine. 

These macro-nutrient foods also provide micro-nutrients.  Calcium, iron and the array of vitamins from A-Z and trace minerals like iron, zinc, copper, iodine, manganese are micro-nutrients that are essential in keeping the body’s electrical pulses running at full speed. These micro-nutrients are ones that you don’t see, smell, or taste, but are the building blocks for your body’s strong foundation and balance. Macro and Micro-nutrients are both extracted from the foods you eat through the digestive process. 

So what happened...why is our society the "unhealthiest" it has ever been?  You see more and more health facilities being built in every city in the U.S.  WHY?  Why is the most powerful nation losing the battle on maintaining healthy individuals?  Well, this was a quest we needed to solve. Through years of research, we have found the answer!

The macro-nutrient foods are void of vital micro-nutrients needed to actually sustain a healthy body.  These vital micro-nutrients are what support your organ/gland systems, which is at the root of all health (or illness) dictating your outcome.  Making sure your body gets  what it needs EVERYDAY should be at the forefront of your health regiment.  The added benefit of taking our products is that they are so packed with the micro-nutrients and minerals needed, a reserve can be built and accessed when your body is in need of them. Thus, we eliminate the "Peter" to pay "Paul" scenario (stealing nutrients from the bone) to resolve the imbalance that has been created.

Taking HBH products consistently puts you at an advantage that has not yet been realized by society as a whole.  Welcome to a "journey" that will provide long lasting benefits and give you back the life you deserve.


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