Product FAQs

Product Information

Our products are sourced and manufactured in the California area in FDA-registered facilities.

No we do not use any exceipeints.  Our products are all natural and/or organic whole foods.  I do not use any excipients so all the powders in each capsule are 100% nutrient. This ensures all my products are broken down and absorbed into the bloodstream. 

Microcrystalline Cellulose - Binding agent; can cause gas, bloating and bowel obstructions for people with Crohn's disease

Gelatin - Capsule coating and binding agent

Steric Acid - lubricating as flow agent; may cause gastrointestinal distress

Magnesium Stearate - flow enhancer and binder; may surpress T cells

Silicon Dioxide - anti-caking agent as flow enhancer

Carrageenan - thickening agent; can cause severe gastrointestinal distress and inflammation.

Potassium Sorbate - preservative; known to cause nausea and indigestion

Titanium Dioxide - coloring agent

Binding agents: These are used to hold tablets and capsules together, so they don’t crumble apart.

Fillers: These add bulk to supplements, so that your capsules don’t appear to be only half full.

Flow enhancers and lubricants: These help to prevent supplement ingredients from clumping together and sticking during the manufacturing process. This often helps to lower the cost of supplements significantly.

Coatings and glazes: These also help to hold supplements together and make them easier to swallow.

Preservatives: These help to extend the shelf life of supplements.

Colors: These improve the appearance of the supplements.

Flavors and sweeteners: Most common in chewable and liquid supplements, these improve the taste of the product.