Get more Bang from Your Bucks

Get more Bang from Your Bucks

Is this you....taking a handful of "different supplements" in the hopes of staying healthy? Always trying to remember what you took and "if" you took it that day?

If you've been down the supplement aisle or even purchased supplements on-line, you know the choices are beyond comprehension. 

Why so many choices? It is because your body needs so many different vitamins, micro-nutrients, and trace elements EVERYDAY to keep it running like a top performing sports car. At HBH we looked at this dilemma facing our customers and created our new product line, making this one top priority!   

Instead of having one  product address ONE thing we decided to address the body as it was designed-  a system of health.  Since the organ/gland systems are at the "root" of  illness and disease, every product is packed full of the required vitamins, minerals, trace elements  micro, and macro minerals ensuring optimal support for the intended organ/gland system.

The number of HBH micro-nutrient capsules in every bottle is double the industry standard (120 vs. 60), and stored in glass containers to preserve the phytonutrient potency. Just one capsule can replace a handful of our competitors' capsules, saving you not only money, but also space on the shelf and in your travel bag.  And the biggest benefit is that they are designed to work in harmony with the way the body was designed as a system that supports the organ/gland systems.  Get your top performing sports car back in the race and get started today!


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