Tooth Protocol for packing infected areas

Individual dose recipe
Mix below ingredients into a non-metallic bowl and plastic spoon
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2 T Medi Dental pack from PRL
1 Noble Servant from HBH (opened and the casing discarded)
1 tsp castor oil from PRL
1 T pH Silver from HBH
  1. Mix into a ball adding Silver as needed to form ball, use as little liquid as possible to create the ball.
  2. Dry mouth in area to be applied.
  3. Follow the instructions below on "Areas to be packed"
  4. One ball will do one area by splitting the ball in half.
    A follow up castor pak is recommended using PRL products, organic flannel, castor oil and a foot soak using medi-soak and medi-bath will also be beneficial in downloading the toxins.
Recommendation is to do the entire mouth once a week for a three week period.


Areas to be packed:

  • Bottom front - Split ball and save the other half for next pack. Castor pack and soak kidney.
  • Top front - Use ball from above. Castor pack and soak kidney
  • Top sides - split ball and apply half to each side of the upper molars. Castor pack and soak liver
  • Bottom sides - split ball and apply half to each side of the lower molars. Castor pack and soak belly.


Balls can be made in advance:

Batch recipe

  • 6 T medi-dental pack
  • 4 Noble Servant  (opened and casing discarded)
  • 1 T castor oil
  • 3 T pH Silver
  • Wrap in plastic and store in refrigerator in Tupperware