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Element 49 - Maximize Mineral Utilization

Element 49 - Maximize Mineral Utilization

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  • Helps with cellular metabolism
  • Enhancing nutrient absorption
  • Balancing hormones


Indium is a rare trace element that maximizes the absorption and utilization of essential minerals and activates several hormonal systems in the body.  The unique design of this product allows it to act like an anabolic synergist and though useful on its own, the biggest benefit is when it’s taken with the HBH products due to their world-class mineral nutrition. 

Indium is never found in water or food or in our bodies after age 25, which is why supplementation of it is so crucial. Indium is only ever found in Breastmilk, and is yet another one of life's Divine Mysteries


Indium Sulfate
This is a rate trace element used for the absorption and utilization of minerals and supports several systems in the body

Quality Standards:
We use only GMP Certified and/or organic ingredients packaged in amber glass bottles to preserve potency.

Suggested Use:

2 drops under the tongue, FIRST thing in the morning before anything else is consumed up to 10 drops a day.

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