pH Structured Silver Gel
pH Structured Silver Gel
pH Structured Silver Gel


pH Structured Silver Gel

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pH Structed Silver gel features 25 ppm (parts per million) of structured silver and is ideal for topical application. When pH Silver Gel is applied topically, it has been reported to kill bacteria and pathogens so they don't invade the body. 


Each contamination-proof container holds 2 oz. (56.7g) of pH Structured Silver gel. It is ideal for skin and body rejuvenation! Silver Gel is beneficial for skin irritations, especially insect bites, acne, rashes and herpes breakouts.  It is very effective in clearing infections on the skin.   

Silver destroys bacteria and viruses. It does so very effectively. In fact in lab studies, it was found a pathogen that can cause disease – from bacteria, from viruses, or from yeast was added to silver, especially in the alkaline form, and the molecular structure that’s tetrahedral will destroy those pathogens in under 6 minutes.


120 Years of Nanosilver History