Homeostasis - Keeping the Body in Balance

Homeostasis - Keeping the Body in Balance


Let's talk brass tacks here...balancing the cost of supplements against what you get out of them is a major factor in deciding which ones to buy.  That's why at Health Beyond Hype, we took the extra steps necessary in creating our nutritional supplements and CBD products.  We wanted to make sure you get results and that our products could provide the balance you have been striving to achieve. 

We tip the scales when it comes to micro-nutrient bio-availability versus a macro-nutrient food source. 

Why is Balance Important?

Your body is made up of 11 different systems, powered and regulated by your organs and glands and they need to stay in balance to provide ultimate health. Keeping these systems in balance and healthy is a never-ending job and dependent on two fundamental inputs: what you eat and what you breathe. And, the output of what is excreted from the body.  The concept of homeostasis is when the internal conditions of living organisms remain stable (within a normal range), regardless of what is going on in the external environment. These internal conditions include your body temperature, pH level, and glucose level.  

Your systems utilize everything that comes into your body. When food is broken down, the process of pulling the nutrients from the food begins to provide  the fuel the body needs to work properly. After the upmost energy is extracted from the food (through digestion and metabolism), the remainder is excreted, or removed. All of the functions of your organs and glands are continually influenced by what you consume.  

The fuel that is produced from the food needs to be the right mix of micro-nutrients and minerals to keep the body in homeostasis.  When the fuel is lacking key components the body has to compensate by pulling  the needed micro-nutrients and minerals from bones, tissue and other components.  Your systems become stressed and need to work overtime to re-balance in search of the missing components. 

Our goal is to help you keep your body’s systems running smoothly and optimally all the time to provide the appropriate levels of micro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body is missing. Your success is always at the top of the list for us!

To accomplish this goal, the three most important criteria for you to receive maximum benefits from any supplement you take are the quality of the ingredients, the quality of the manufacturing, and the formula used to ensure a high absorption rate once the supplement is in your digestive system. Here is how Health Beyond Hype achieves those goals.

High Quality Ingredients ensure High Quality Products

We source the world in order to find the very best and highest concentrates (and often organic ingredients) to bring to California to use in our products. The sources for these materials may be in remote locations where we have identified a particularly valuable supply that increases the ability of our product to do its job for your system. It is precisely because of these relationships and our diligence that all of our products have the highest opportunity to achieve maximum effect once in your system.

Strict Manufacturing Practices ensure High Quality Products

High Quality Ingredients are meaningless without equally high standards for manufacturing.  All products are made in California in a FDA registered facility.  This comprehensive set of checks and balances ensures that each formula and the ingredients are put through an identical protocol for every batch. All of the materials are confirmed to meet the identified standard, time after time. 

Without this documented attention to detail, any batch on any day with ingredient substitutions may deliver an entirely different level of performance for you. This is an  choose to avoid thanks to our stringent standards.

High Absorption ensures Maximum System Distribution

It might be easy to read somewhere that an ingredient will provide a certain benefit. The question always arises how much of an ingredient needs to be present in your digestive tract to have enough of it absorbed to provide the benefit?

This question is exactly why we created the Ultimate Synergist, our proprietary formula. It is designed to work together and with the acids and walls of your stomach and intestines to increase your digestive system's ability to absorb the micro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are being introduced all the time. Ultimate Synergist turns your digestive tract into a sponge for all the things your body needs to maximize the absorption of our products. Thereby, it ensures that high quality materials made to our meticulous standards actually get into your system where they can work for you.


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