Lean Muscle Roadmap from High Efficiency Organ/Gland Functions

Lean Muscle Roadmap from High Efficiency Organ/Gland Functions

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this subject, lets first define what a  hormone is and how it is used in the body.

Hormonea regulatory substance produced in an organism and transported in tissue fluids such as blood to stimulate specific cells or tissues into action.  In simpler terms they are the messengers that carry messages from glands to cells within tissues or organs in the body.  Since hormones are technically chemicals you can't really see them with the naked eye.  Tests can be done to determine if you have an imbalance of hormones based on these chemicals.  

Below illustrations shows the DNA hormone sequence needed to create Lean Muscle:

The above chart provides the roadmap of how the body creates and maintains lean muscle.  This process requires the creation of a DNA sequence consisting of three hormones produced by the anterior pituitary gland:
  1. GH (growth hormone)
  2. TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) 
  3. LH (luteinizing hormone) 
The anterior pituitary gland then delivers:
  • TSH to the Thyroid
  • GH to the Liver 
  • LH to the testicles
From these deliveries the organs then continue with:
  • The LH is delivered to the testicles producing testosterone which is delivered directly to the muscle tissue.
  • The TSH is delivered to the Thyroid producing TH which is then delivered to the pancreas for the creation of insulin and also to the Liver.
  • The GH is delivered to the Liver producing IGF (insulin-like growth factors) from the insulin it received from the pancreas. 
This completes the sequence with: 
  1. The insulin produced by the Pancreas being delivered directly to the muscle tissue
  2. The IGF produced in the Liver being delivered directly into the muscle tissue
  3. The testosterone produced by the testicles being delivered directly to the muscle tissue. 
With this, the sequence is complete with the muscle receiving all the necessary hormones; IGF, Insulin and Testosterone to create lean muscle tissue in the body.  To ensure this process is working efficiently all 5 supporting organ/gland systems need to be fully functional with the support of the right nutrients when creating lean muscle. 
Below are the products needed to keep these organ/gland systems operating at high efficiencies for maximum lean muscle: 
  • Velvet Performance and Seat of Happiness - Supports the production of IGF in the Liver
  • Seaweed Supreme - Supports the production of Thyroid hormones (TH) 
  • Ginseng Slim - Supports the Pancreas which creates the insulin
  • Sacral Ministry - Supports the testicles which creates the testosterone. 


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