Ingredient Insight

Ingredient Insight


If you have found us you must know your food is your medicine, and if your diet consists of clean, wholesome, healthy foods, so should your supplements—especially since you are ingesting them daily.

There are so many products "natural products" loaded with fillers, synthetic ingredients and other unnecessary ingredients which they market as something you can't live without, but in the end could be holding you back from what you are trying to achieve. At Health Beyond Hype we make each formula with natural and/or organic whole foods with the purest ingredients on the market. 

These are the first-of-its-kind supplements that can't be found anywhere else in this market.  What sets our supplements apart is a proprietary blend of healthy, naturally-derived vitamin and micro-nutrients that are absent of synthetic fillers, artificial flavorings or colorings, additives and unnecessary chemicals and ingredients making each capsule 100% nutrient...AND and this is an IMPORTANT AND...all my products are easily broken down and absorbed into the bloodstream.  I've worked over the past 5 years developing a delivery system that would work even in a compromised gut.  From this work I developed Ultimate Synergist. which is a phyto-mineral complex designed to fortify gut-wall integrity and improve assimilation through the intestines while being a super-food source for good bacteria.

Each ingredient was hand-selected for its efficacy in rebuilding the body from the ground up.  No compromise was made because of price as we know that you want only the best for your health and that is our goal, providing you the BEST so you can BE YOUR BEST SELF.

Think of it as pure as Mother Nature intended but in a capsules that ensure you can take advantage of what it has to offer.  


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