Humic Acid vs Virus - Brief Overview

Humic Acid vs Virus - Brief Overview

Humic Acid vs Virus - A brief overview

Humic Acid has been referred to the antiviral answer by scientists. It’s the smallest, most complex, most highly refined naturally occurring water-soluble substance on Earth. Small amounts of Humic Acid transform the molecular structure of water and assist in its job of dissolving and transporting. It will improve the efficiency of nutrient delivery and waste removal from the cells, while also neutralizing toxins and pathogens.

Viruses are very small and are referred to as sub-cellular organisms, meaning they are smaller than cells. They are smaller than bacteria and most human host cells, and only live deep inside the cells of plants, animals, and humans. Viruses can even live inside of microscopic disease causing organisms, where they can “hitch a ride”, effectively making them extracellular molecular parasites.

Outside of a host cell, a virus is not alive and has no metabolic life of it’s own. It exists in a state between living and non-living, and is dependent on living organisms for it’s existence. All living cells contain both types of genetic material, DNA and RNA. A virus only contains one type, either DNA or RNA, and this is why it has to hijack living needs the complementary genetic material in order to exist. Whether its a human, animal, plant, or bacteria, viruses can only grow and multiply within living cells.

Viruses have a receptor binding protein that allows them to attach to cells and convert them into viral-producing factories. The proteins they use act as a “claw” which allows them to get a grip on and bind to the cell. From here, they can inject a caustic material that bores through the cell to create a tunnel/funnel to access to the mitochondria of the cell. This is where viruses can mine the missing genetic material they need to come to life, resides. Once this occurs, the cell is officially “hijacked”, and the virus will continually replicate itself throughout the host, maturing, and potentially mutating into something even more dangerous than its original form.

So how do we protect ourselves from infection, and resolve a viral issue if infected? Humic Acid is our first line of defense, and our best chance for recovery and prevention of further infection.

So how does it work?

Humic Acid is derived from humates in soil, and they contain acids called Humic and Fulvic. Fulvic acid is a chelator that carries minerals and other nutrients through the blood and tissues. Humic acid is a dilator that increases cell wall permeability. The combination leads to more efficient nutrient and waste exchange throughout the body, but when it comes to protecting cells from a virus, only the humic portion has the potential to protect a cell. And we say potential, because all humic has anti-viral properties, but it doesn’t mean all humic is anti-viral.

At HBH, we use a special preparation of humic acid know as VFI - or Viral Fusion Inhibiting. Our humic acid goes through a proprietary process where the anti-viral components are concentrated and the substance is sterilized. This process not only makes this humic acid concentrate anti-viral, it makes it the best anti-viral available on the world market.

Humic acid is a large, flexible structure, whereas fulvic acid is a small, rigid structure. This inherent structure of humic acid allows it to be processed in a way that it can coat the cells, and provide its VFI protection. This structure also allows it to encapsulate viruses in our body, which makes a virus more vulnerable to attack by our immune system and our favorite anti-infective, pH Structured Silver.

Additional benefits of supplementing this form of humic acid over a long period of time include:

  • Feeling of well-being
  • Supercharges your immune system
  • Cleanses, neutralizes and removes toxins
  • Provides increased resistance to colds and flu, infection and disease
  • Assists in purging parasites, pathogens, and viruses from your body.
  • Restores your body to optimal potential over time.

If you have a viral condition, especially a retro-viral issue, we have a protocol that will help you gain leverage on the virus so you can expel it from the body over time using Health Beyond Hype's Humic Acid and Superior Structured Silver. If you are looking for viral protection and prevention, while ingesting nutrition far beyond what any multi-vitamin could offer, please use the following mini-protocol to your benefit. We highly recommend these products for people who are in relationships with people who have known viral issues like herpes.

Recommended Anti-Viral Protocol 

Virologist breaks down COVID-19 virus in the below that provides more details on the information provided in this article. 


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