Strengthening the GUT

Strengthening the GUT

Congratulations, you are taking the first STEP in building a stronger immune system, and healthier body for the long haul.  You will hear over and over again about the organ/gland systems which are the “CORE” of the body.  The CORE is supported and regenerated by a strong gastrointestinal tract (GUT). This is where we will start your journey. 

We are sure you have heard the true statement that the GUT is the key to your health.  Everything you ingest plays a vital role in how the body is going to perform and sustain you for years to come. 

We have to rebuild and fortify your GUT so what you ingest can actually be assimilated into a vital component the “core” can use to maintain and rebuild.  The major components of the GUT are HCL (hydrochloric acid) and digestive enzymes which are reduced as we age, due to the thinning of the stomach lining.  HCL is the key component in breaking down and cleansing the food you eat.  When you are in short supply, both of those tasks are weakened, which in turn weakens the overall body’s ability in building a strong immune system and a healthy organ/gland system. 

We have created Noble Servant to address this first challenge.  Noble Servant was named because of its noble effort of making sure what you consume will be broken down and assimilated, extracting the trace minerals and nutrients needed by the core.  This product not only provides these key functions due to the high quality HCL, but also acts as an activator so you have only to take one capsule to get both key functions working properly.  These capsules are also packed with trace minerals so your body has the necessary micro-nutrients needed by the CORE. 

What is the importance of getting and/or replacing your missing HCL?  Well, have you ever wondered why all of a sudden someone develops cancer, a neuro-degenerative disorder, heart disease, or an autoimmune condition?  ,It is because everyone has a gene deck and how you care for your gene deck is how you maintain health.   So, how did they get sick? Well, they expressed a “bad gene!”

How do you express “bad genes” like  cancer, MS, ALS, Parkinson’s, or heart disease Depletion of your body’s methyl groups is how “bad” genes are expressed. 

How do methyl groups get depleted?

These groups are depleted by consuming a poor diet loaded with white sugar, white flour, and white salt. By using “bad oils”—trans-fatty acids and hydrogenated oils., By eating  produce loaded with pesticides and herbicides. By consuming junk food and  drinks loaded with caffeine. By ingesting products with high-fructose corn syrup, acid, and GMO’s (genetically-modified foods). And lastly, these groups are depleted by stress!

What helps create methyl groups? HCL or stomach acid. 

Now you know why this is the first step of your journey.  We have to get your gene deck back in sync so  your body can assimilate and activate your micro-nutrients to keep the core strong.  Keeping the core strong keeps the immune system strong.  You are in a win-win situation by just taking this one product.  

If you gained an understanding from the information we have provided above, you would know that taking an antacid is not going to produce any long-term health benefits.  Acid in your stomach is your friend, and taking a product to diminish it’s role in your health will only lead to more health issues.  Getting to the root of indigestion and heartburn is going to turn the tables on your overall health.  Noble Servant has been specifically formulated to help resolve these issues for the long haul. 

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  • Support healthy digestion and whole-body cleansing
  • Acts as a germicide killing bacteria, viruses and parasites
  • Supports immune function protecting you from infection and disease
  • Enhances nutrient activation in the gut
  • Helps correct underlying cause of pH imbalance and degenerative diseases
  • Improves fluid dynamics of the micro-circulation system
  • Promotes efficient nutrient and waste exchange at the cell-level 
  • Helps with colon toxicity, constipation and loose stools
  • Supports healthy digestion
  • Helps with indigestion and heartburn, gas and bloating

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