What's behind the HBH Cleanse Protocol?

Homeopathy does have a place in the realm of natural health, but in the environment we have to contend with these days, it just doesn't cut the mustard at a fundamental level.
Cleansing and Detox are often marketed together with a "one-in-the-same" concept - from a clinical perspective, these two things are two entirely different approaches. My work addresses this issue head-on, and properly prepares you for an actual detox program. In short, you have to cleanse the organ-gland systems and restore the fluid dynamics of the body (blood, lymph, bile) well before "detoxing" in order to avoid the pitfalls of these conventional programs that lead to further congestion and tissue toxicity in most cases.
The system I have developed is called, "Regain the Terrain". My system consists of 4 phases:
  1. Cleanse and Tonify
  2. Hormone Balance
  3. Detox
  4. Rejuvenation  
The length of these phases are determined on a case-by-case basis, but for a health-conscious individual it takes about 6 months. Most of that will be determined by your pH and hormone balance. The issue most people have when "cleansing and detoxing" is that they are in a state of acidosis to begin with, and their cell-energy is very low. Without adequate cell-energy, the cell cannot release the toxins, no matter how fancy or potent the product or protocol may be. And this is where the fluid dynamics become the major focal point from the outset, and throughout the phases being worked at the time. 
Human cells work on a nutrient-waste exchange basis; meaning, if you can't get the nutrient to the cell, then you can NOT get the waste out at the cell-level. So while conventional cleanses and detoxes may help you feel better for a time, they usually only work at a surface level. This means when you finish a program, you'll feel "better" for a few days to a few weeks, and even some cases, a few months. However, the deeper-seated issues will take over again, usually within one blood-turnover (3-4 months).
Tried-and-True Clinical Nutrition is analogous to "peeling an onion". There are multiple layers, and within those layers, there are levels of experience that will ultimately lead to the next layer that needs to be peeled. With this in mind, to achieve actual health that leads to a regenerative-state as the default, we have to eliminate any and all issues that will disrupt and distort the acid-base of the body. This means that most of the time, the client will be working through Phase 1 and 2 of my system, in order to properly detox. And after a detox phase. back to Phase 1 and 2 to get to the next layer. All of this has to be done to get to a state of actual Rejuvenation - which is the final phase in my system.
The majority of the "Natural Health" is working off the same model as Medical, which is biochemical. The model I work from is the Physics model of Health. The human body is not a biochemical automaton, but rather an energy-field that generates a physical form in space-time depending on the frequency of which the DNA of that form is tuned.  We are spiritual beings having a physical experience in multiple dimensions. To keep this as simple as I can, its best to understand the basic definition of Physics - its the study of the interaction between the biology and chemistry of which Physics (energy) is the motive force for this interaction. Simply put, the Bio-chemical at the outset is and always will be LIMITED in its ability to recover, restore, and maximize health and human potential.
Therefore, we (practitioners of the Physics model) always take into account the "Energy AND Substance", as substance alone cannot provide an actual resolution to a health challenge/issue. To further demonstrate this point, the biochemical model looks like this:
Symptom > root
Cause > effect
From the Physics perspective, we have multiple roots, as we are address the whole-person in each dimension. Simply put, those dimensions can be simply defined as...
4D = Physics
3D = Biology
2D = Chemistry
In my practice, I describe this as the root (Chemistry) of the Root (Biology), of the ROOT (Physics) - so for every symptom, there are 3 roots in the Physics model. The is what the "Regain the Terrain" system is all about; rooting out the deep-seated issues down the cell-level so we can help you, help yourself. Its your life, and therefore, your choice as to how you want to approach your daily practice/lifestyle. I provide the tools and education to teach you how to do the work, as true health and well-being is a life-time commitment. Its up to you to follow through and experience the work you do, in order to provide me with feedback, so I can guide you along your way. 
Understanding the model we are working on will help you to develop the mind-set needed in order to connect with the experience you are having doing the work. You can think of my system as a kind of "paint by numbers" approach to clinical nutrition for the layperson. In this way, I have eliminated a lot of the complexity in order to allow the client to focus on the doing the work and developing and awareness of the experience. The more you do here, the better you will understand the work. 
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