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A Comprehensive Plan Designed Specifically for YOU

Personal protocols provide an in-depth evaluation of your health issues.  They dive into the root of your issues to provide a comprehensive plan on how to address them for long term results. These protocols are for people who want to commit at least 4 to 6 months following the plan and providing feedback along the way.  Communication is key to ensuring you are making the progress you desire and get the long term results you have been seeking.

How the Program Works 

  • During an initial phone consultation, we will learn your history and your desire outcomes.
  • We develop a monthly plan with a full list of products you need and the results and time-frames you should expect.
  • You receive an Enhanced Account profile for tracking your progress along the way and an easy reference back to your program
  • We schedule a twice-monthly phone consultation to review progress and discuss any challenges you are feeling. 
  • We're always available for continued email support for any questions or concerns that might come up at any time.
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