Understanding Stomach Acids and their Role in Overall Health

Most people confuse stomach acid with waste acids like lactic acid for example. Stomach acid is Hydrochloric Acid (HCL), which is the only natural and beneficial acid the human body produces. Any excess acid that builds up is always a waste acid - and HCL, specifically activated HCL, is the best remedy.
You don't just need HCL for digestion, you need it for total-body health. Suppressing its production is one of the worst things you can do, as its vital to the pH of the body which is rooted in the lymphatic system. You cannot live a healthy life over the long-run without HCL, and you certainly cannot lose weight and maintain a healthy weight either. 
At Health Beyond Hype we went beyond HCL by creating a mineral-rich activated-HCL called Noble Servant.  Noble Servant is a one-of-a-kind product supporting health in every way while also helping to eliminate the underlying cause of all disease states.  The One will complement this by supplying a living-source of Vitamin C for tissue health, and also provides concentrated Ayurvedic herbs  employed to support the entire digestive tract, beginning at the stomach. 
Unfortunately as you age, your production of hydrochloric acid decreases — which can increase gastrointestinal issues like heartburn, bloating and poor nutrient absorption. Additionally, not producing enough HCL can lead to many other problems, such as skin problems, including acne or rosacea, mineral deficiencies, autoimmune reactions, Candida, and Acid Reflux.