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Are Beets Good for Your Gallbladder? We Discuss the Science

Your gallbladder is incredibly vital for maintaining good overall health. This organ is responsible for storing bile created by the liver, which filters toxins out of your body. This begs the question, can beets be good for your gallbladder?

Beets provide a great natural way to keep your gallbladder healthy. They act as an assistant for your gallbladder to aid in bile flow and overall functioning.

Without proper gallbladder functioning, you could be susceptible to gallstones, improper bile flow, and a variety of other toxic gallbladder conditions.

Beets have a variety of components that improve the strength of your gallbladder and prevent the reabsorption of toxins into your digestive system.

Beets Can Improve Overall Gallbladder Function


Beets for gallbladder health


Beets contain several ingredients that are essential for good overall health and gallbladder functioning.

One study looked at the effect of supplements containing beet leaf and beet powder, among other natural ingredients, on gallbladder functioning. [1]

Participants (N=42) received either the supplement or a taste and appearance matched placebo. Participants took two tablets with every meal (6 tablets/day) for 12 weeks.

Gallbladder function was assessed following the treatment period based on gallbladder volume, gallbladder ejection fraction (GBEF; efficiency in emptying), ejection rate, wall thickness, and liver functioning.

  • The supplement reduced gallbladder wall thickness by 9% from baseline to week 12 compared to the placebo group.
  • The supplement group had significant improvements in gallbladder volume (+32%) and GBEF (+19%).
  • The researchers noted that beet leaf could improve blood circulation, which would lead to a healthier gallbladder and liver. This means better functioning for both organs and more toxins successfully filtered through the body.
  • The researchers stated that this supplement could assist with gallbladder functioning in those at risk for gallbladder insufficiency.

    Beets Improve Bile Acid Binding in the Gallbladder to Prevent Reabsorption into the Digestive System


    Beets for gallbladder health

    Bile acid stored in the gallbladder is typically reabsorbed by the terminal ileum (tip of the small intestine) and undergoes further processing. That said, despite this being a normal function of the human body, the presence of too many secondary bile acids can lead to a host of health issues.

    Accumulation of primary bile acids in the gallbladder can help to prevent the buildup of secondary bile acids. Beets can act as a binding substance to prevent reabsorption.

    One study examined the bile acid-binding properties of beets. [2]

    This study included eight incubations: six with stock bile acid mixture, one with a substrate (chemical species being observed) but no bile acid, and one with bile acid but no substrate.

    • Beets tested the second-highest in binding ability (11%), very close to okra, which was the highest. Beets were significantly higher than the other vegetables tested; asparagus, eggplant, turnips, green beans, carrots, and cauliflower.
    • The researchers note that binding prevents recirculation and results in less fat absorption, higher excretion of cancer-causing components, and better cholesterol utilization.

      Steam Cooking Beets Further Improves Their Binding Ability

      Beets for your gallbladder

      The previous study showed the binding ability of raw beets. If you steam cook this vegetable, you could get even more benefit out of it.

      Steam cooked beets have an even higher capacity to bind bile acids and prevent reabsorption. Again, this leads to better overall health and gallbladder functioning.

      One study demonstrated this by steam cooking beets, okra, and green beans for 15 minutes and eggplant, asparagus, carrots, cauliflower, and turnips for 10 minutes. [3]

      Samples were tested similarly to the previous study with eight incubations: six with stock bile acid mixture, one with a substrate but no bile acid, and one with bile acid but no substrate.

      • On a dry matter basis, beets showed the highest binding potential, with 18%.
      • Researchers note that differences in binding ability may be due to available phytonutrients, hydrophobic (water-resistant) qualities, and active binding sites within the beets.
      • Researchers suggest steam cooking beets and other vegetables to get the most benefit from them.

      Pomace Extraction of Beet Juice Also Provides Great Benefits


      Beet juice for gallbladder

      There are several ways that you can consume beets and beet juice. One way that is gaining traction in the juicing community is extraction through a pomace process.

      This entails extracting the beet juice from a pulp-like substance (pomace) to gain as much benefit as possible. This is another way to aid the gallbladder in reducing secondary bile acids.

      One study demonstrated this using beet pomace juice and rats. [4]

      Four groups of rats (N=12 for each) were utilized; a control group (received only water to drink) and three juice groups (apple, grape, beet). The experiment lasted for four weeks.

      • The beet group showed higher levels of acetate and short-chain fatty acids (SCFA's) in the intestines after the experiment. SCFA's are essential to your overall gastrointestinal health as a system of which your gallbladder is a part. Better gastrointestinal health means better gallbladder functioning.
      • The beet group also had higher levels of primary bile acids and lower secondary bile acids at the conclusion of the experiment, demonstrating a gallbladder functioning more efficiently.


        Beets are a fantastic natural way to improve your gallbladder health. They have vitamin B and other nutrients essential for gallbladder health. They also aid in digestion, healthy blood flow, and stress reduction.

        In addition, there are other ingredients you can add to your diet to help maintain proper gallbladder function. Ingredients such as Phyllanthus Niruri, Burdock Root, Scutellaria Root, and Cordyceps Sinensis/Militaris have great effects on gallbladder health and protect against various illnesses.

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