Virus Protection

Virus Protection

Silver and Viruses

Seasonal influenza is always in play around the world.  It is the nature of our environment and social interaction that keeps the viral load ever present and ever changing.  Vaccines cannot stay up with this ever changing challenge to provide a real solution for keeping them in check. There is a need for newer therapeutic agents to fight them. Due to this, investigations into the activity of silver nano-particles have increased significantly.  Nano-particles are a very important technology providing a high stability, high capacity carrier for the agents needed by the body to fight off attackers.   pH silver

According to a research paper by Janice L. Speshock et al. titled “Interaction of Silver Nanoparticles with Tacaribe Virus”, silver nano-particles can stop a prototype arenavirus at non-toxic concentrations. It noted that inhibition worked best when silver nano-particles were administered prior to viral infection, or early after initial virus exposure.  Staying ahead of the viruses give you your best defense.  ph structured silver

Other research articles have confirmed that silver nano-particles have antiviral and antimicrobial activities against several pathogens such as HIV-1, HSV-1, Monkeypox Virus, and Influenza Virus. 

The consensus is that silver stops viruses by attaching to proteins on the cell walls of the virus. This process damages their cell membranes and allows the silver ions to pass into the cells. This is where they interfere with the virus's metabolic process and damage its DNA creating the cell’s death and providing you virus protection just by being proactive. 

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